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❝ Dedicated in perpetuity to the service of the people that no good
cause shall lack a champion and that evil shall not thrive unopposed. ❞

Built in 1929 by Eugene and Kitty Donovan as home to their local newspaper, the landmark Citizen building is regarded for its unique marriage of classic Art Deco elements and Beaux Arts details. WIth a primary focus on helping their local community thrive, Eugene reportedly instructed, “wherever possible, all materials, supplies and labor will be obtained from local sources in Culver City.” The Donovans played a pivotal role in the growth of Culver City by advocating for city and social improvement from every angle using their growing newspaper, The Citizen, as a platform. In addition to publishing the weekly newspaper, the family-run company produced hundreds of printed film props for the many studios in the area. The Citizen Printing & Publishing company went on to be run by four generations of Donovans through the 1980’s. In 1987, the Citizen building became the first structure in Culver City to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.